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Why the name "Peepal Farm"?
The Peepal Tree sprouts in the most unfertile climates, including in the sides of buildings. If left there, it will eventually grow so large it will break down the structure it rests on until it reaches the ground. Like the Peepal tree, we are breaking down the societal structures which cause the oppression and suffering of beings.

Why, when, and how did Peepal Farm start?
Our mission is to alleviate and prevent the suffering of as many beings as possible.

In December 2014 we began by building a place where people who wanted to share our mission could have the space and resources to do good work, and where we could involve and inspire others. We expanded to build our stray animal rescue, farm, product line, and media team!

How did you build the mud houses?
We did lots of research on the topic and had help from the architect Sonu Abhi. For natural heating and cooling we researched solar passive construction and made sure that all of our rooms had proper airflow.

How do I start something like Peepal Farm?
Peepal Farm is a large project, involving many people, over several years! The best place to start is where we did - volunteering at other animal rescues, government clinics, or private practices to learn important skills, and rescuing one or two animals to start.

Once you have more experience and can see what is involved, you can grow from there!

Who are the founders of Peepal Farm?

Why do you not help humans?
We do help humans! We provide fair employment to 20 people from our village.

We choose to help animals directly because of the extreme cruelty we witness towards them. It is not possible for us to help all beings in the world, so we work to inspire others to reduce the suffering that they see; whether it effects animals or humans.

Where are you located?
Village VPO Dhanotu, Tehsil Shahpur District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh 176208 INDIA

Read about our policies on sterilization and euthanasia.

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