Spay and Neuter Policy

Badmash Peepal strives to give the best quality of life to all the animals under their care. Part of that is providing medical care and routine treatments such as deworming, vaccination, and sterilization.

Sterilizing the dogs at our recovery center ensures that none of our recovery, adoptable, adopted, or resident dogs gives birth to puppies. Sterilization is a vital first step in reducing the number of stray and abandoned dogs in India and maintaining a healthy and safe environment here at the farm.

Spaying or neutering is unlikely to change a dog's temperament, basic personality or levels of playfulness and general activity. However, it can reduce the incidence of some behavioral issues, especially sexual behaviors, such as mounting, howling and the urge to roam. And despite what some believe, dogs show no signs of "missing" mating or breeding (From Best Friends Animal Society).

The decision to neuter (or to administer any other medical treatment) is at the sole discretion of the Badmash Peepal founders and the veterinarian administering treatment.