"In a gentle way, you can shake the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

Our Work

Stray Animal Rescue

Our clinic and recovery center is a safe place for injured animals which need space to heal, animals looking for a new home, and permanent residents who are retired from the road. We give them medical care and love, and they return our love back ten fold. Animals who can't be brought in due to contagious conditions are treated on street.

Organic Farm

Our farm feeds us and recovery animals with healthy, organic produce. We grow some of our own food, which passes straight from farm to kitchen, and purchase the bulk of rest locally. We try to practice low-till farming, mulch a la Ruth Stout, and we save seeds.

Homemade Products

We sell what we either grow or procure for ourselves, or what we make for ourselves in our kitchen. Of course all products are vegan. Selling products helps us get word out about our work and expose more people to the idea of veganism.


Our farmstay gives people an opportunity to spend time with dogs, cows, and mules, and experience farm life and animal welfare for a bit. It gives non vegans a taste of vegan life and lets them experience how their body feels on a vegan diet, and it gives vegans a sanctuary for a few days where they are surrounded only by people who want to help animals.


Culture jams. Hoaxes. Spoofs. Events. Nudges. Art. Whatever grabs attention and changes perception.