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"In a gentle way, you can shake the world." - Mahatma Gandhi


Stray Animal Rescue

Our clinic and recovery center is a safe space for injured animals to heal and be heard. We treat injured stray animals and run a sterilization program to help control the stray dog population. On top of that we run a "treat on street" program for animals that can't be brought in.

Organic Farm

Our farm is an experiment for us to learn how we can grow food with minimal impact. We grow a lot of our own food, which passes straight from farm to kitchen, and purchase the bulk of the rest locally.

Social Enterprise

  • Products We only sell what we grow or procure for ourselves, or what we make for ourselves in our kitchen. All our products are vegan and carry a message about what we do and why we do it. Selling products helps us get the word out about our work and expose more people to veganism.

  • Farmstay Our farmstay provides the opportunity to spend time with dogs, cows, mules, etc. and to experience farm life. It gives non-vegans a taste of the vegan life and lets them experience how their body feels on a vegan diet, and it gives vegans a sanctuary where they are surrounded only by people who want to help animals.


We live and advocate a holistic and well-rounded life, using the internet - very deliberately - as a tool to spread our message and do good work. We believe in, "Use, don't get used." We produce and create media for changing perspectives and behaviors, and then put down our laptops and phones to make meaningful connections with people, animals, and nature."

Communication Classes

We make videos and conduct Google Meet classes to teach students to think critically about what they consume on the internet. Specifically we teach them how to spend less time online and more time pursuing humane interactions, and how Social Media companies profit from keeping people online as long as possible, including actively taking advantage of and manipulating serious afflictions such as depression, addiction, and anxiety. We also teach students how to use social media to spread messages of good work and compassion, and how to asses whether they actually need to be on social media at all. This work is directly supported by the Brink Foundation.

Community Organizing

We bring together people who care for animals by creating location-based WhatsApp groups all over India. Animal-lovers can fill out this form and we connect them with the group closest to them. In these groups people support each other by teaming up, sharing information, and pooling resources to help animals in need.