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In December 2021, we undertook a large operation to feed the dogs of the Spiti Valley in hopes of reducing their suffering and human-animal conflicts.


During the harsh season of winter, when there is no one to feed these dogs, it is not uncommon for them to die of starvation. Hunger also creates a situation where they recourse to eating their own kind. They also attack livestock and wild animals such as the blue sheep or ibex, causing undesirable consequences both for people and wildlife. To bring back the harmony, it was important to satisfy the needs of these dogs and realise that starving them is not the solution, but empathy.

How did we set it up?

Since it was a large mission, it was necessary to collaborate with locals and get the program going with their support. We hired around half-dozen of local women and with their assistance, we cooked 50-60 kg of food and fed 300-400 dogs everyday across six villages–Chicham, Kibber, Khurik, Rangrik, Ladang, and Kaza.

Dog Food Recipe

Women kneaded the dough, mixed the kibble with it, made dough balls, boiled it in water and cooked.


The program successfully ended in April 2022. We went ahead with the sterilisation program.