“You decide your own level of involvement.” - Tyler Durden

Open Positions

Want to work at Peepal Farm?

All these positions are for people who are working towards being compassionate. We can pay you enough for you to maintain a lifestyle of doing good work without being broke, but you won't get rich off of working with us. If you know what I mean.

  • Veterinarian, preferably with shelter medicine background. Experienced in spay & neuter.
  • Onine Marketer, to market our media and products.
  • Animal Welfare Manager (work exchange)
  • Video Editor, preferably with a flair for storytelling and content marketing.
  • Community co-ordinator (work exchange, stipend possible) Responsible for volunteer co-ordination and events.
  • Media co-ordinator (work exchange, stipend possible) Responsible for collecting and organizing media.
  • Online communicator (work exchange, stipend possible). This involves writing social media posts, blog posts, newsletter, sponsor updates, PR emails, and responding to emails.

If you are available for at least 3 months, we can do work-exchange. Three vegan meals and accomodation in exchange for 36 hours of work.

If you can commit for 6 months, lets discuss stipend!

If you can commit for a year or more, lets discuss salary!

If any of these sound interesting, contact us!