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“I do not want the work of slaves; I want the work of free people who work because they feel benefited by it and for whom work is a source of joy and strength. Whatever you cannot do in that spirit, it is better not to do.” - Mirra Alfassa

Before you proceed

We are looking for people who are:

  • Looking at this as an opportunity to pursue what they have always wanted to, and salary is just a means to cover their basic expenses.

  • Who can take on the current carved process, but also spend time on improving to make progress.

Jobs @ Peepal Farm

To join Peepal Farm as an employee, you have to do work-exchange for 1-3 months, before graduating to a paid position.


  • Should have experience shooting with a DSLR, and editing on Adobe Premiere.

  • Experience in making short films, vlogs or videos which tell a story.

  • You will be helping us with our vlogs

  • Knowledge of spoken Hindi and written English

  • This is a full time, on site position.

Illustrator and Animator

  • Should have experience drawing freehand using a tablet, experience in drawing comics, and knowledge of Adobe Animate.

  • You will be helping us in our education for kids project.

  • You need to understand and be able to speak Hindi.

  • This is a full time, on site position.

To apply

  • Please see Rules and FAQ.
  • Please send your resume, links to your portfolio (if applicable) to [email protected]. Do include expected salary, and a good time to call you on a weekday.