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3 vegan meals and accomodation in exchange for 6 hours of work, 6 days a week.

The work exchange is open for:

  • Veterinarians: Experienced veterinarians can helps us with treatments, surgeries, and teaching new procedures as well as improving current practices. Minimum commitment of 2 weeks.

  • Film makers: People who can complete a project from shooting to the finished product. Bring your own equipment! Minimum commitment of 2 weeks

  • Advertising Manager: Responsible for creating, running, measuring, improving ad campaigns on Facebook, Google and Youtube. Minimum commitment of 2 weeks

  • Farmschool Educator: Responsible for teaching children of our village with the help of hands-on experiential learning. This position requires 3 hours of on-ground teaching and 3 hours of admin work. Minimum commitment of 12 weeks

  • Farm and Kitchen Manager: Responsible for coordinating planting, harvesting, nursery, soil enrichment, and seed saving in the farm. Also responsible for managing the kitchen menu, stock, and hygeine. Experience in farming and cooking are required. Before beginning, a 2 week volunteering orientation period is required.

Work exchange positions can also graduate into paid positions after 12 weeks, if it is a good fit!

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Before applying, please read our rules and FAQ!

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