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Although most rooms are taken up by permanent residents, resident staff and long termers, we have room for people who are interested in taking a break from over-stimulation, and experiencing a low impact rural farm life.

Sometimes people come to experience a vegan lifestyle, sometimes people come to experience living purposefully, and sometimes vegan people come as they need a sanctuary.

* Shared room + 3 home cooked vegan meals: ₹500 a night (per person)

Short-term General Volunteers committing to work 4 hours per day, 6 days a week, and for at least 2 weeks get a 30% discounted rate @ ₹350/day!

Volunteers are eligible for a 100% discount.

  • Bungalow with private bathroom, and kitchenette + 3 meals: ₹1300 a night (per person)

100% of the money goes towards funding our work!

Please contact us with your dates and we'll let you know of availability.

Please read the ENTIRE FAQ and Rules beforehand!