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Working at Peepal Farm FAQ

  • What's the work week like?

We work 6 days a week, 8 hours a day. Work day is from 9am to 6pm, which includes one hour lunch break.

Your day off will be set in consultation with you, and can be changed in the beginning of the month.

  • What's your leave policy?

Other than the weekly off every week you work, you get one paid leave a month.

You don't earn a monthly off in first month of joining.

Because of the nature of our work, we have to work on festivals, and national holidys too. In lieu of that you get 6 additional leaves every year.

You get paid for accumulated leaves at the end of financial year.

  • What's your overtime policy?

Overtime is now settled every month.

Collected leaves are settled at the end of financial year.

  • Do I get medicare?

If you work in the field, we get you medical and life insurance.

  • In what are cases will I be asked to leave without notice?

If you are intoxicated at the farm.

If you misbehave with anyone at the farm.

For taking 3 unscheduled leaves, stealing or for badmouthing Peepal Farm or its employees.

For consistent inability to perform your job.

This list is prescriptive, not exhaustive.

  • What's the notice period if I leave?

Notice period is one month.

  • What's the notice period if I am asked to leave?

If you are being asked to leave, we will either give you a one month notice period or one month's salary.

If you are being asked to leave for any other reason in the ATL list, you will be terminated without any notice.

  • What else should I keep in mind?

We are in a village, and there's not much to do here after hours. There are shops around for basic needs. The nearest market is 3 kms away. The nearest big town with restaurants and good shops is Dharamshala, 12 kms away. The nearest tourist place with nice cafes is McLeodGanj, 19 kms away.

Public buses are available every hour or so. Taxis are available at around Rs. 30/km.