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At the FARM

  • If for any reason things are not working out, we reserve the right to ask you to leave.

  • Please arrive at the farm between 9:30 am and 12:00 pm. If you cannot make it to the farm in that slot, plan ahead to manage your stay and accomodation elsewhere.

  • No drinking or drunkenness at the farm.

  • No meat or dairy products allowed on the property.

  • Be respectful of others in the space. This means maintaining moderate quiet in work hours and generally think about how your behavior impacts the people around you. Quiet hours are before 7:00 am, and after 9:00 pm.

  • Do not bring rescues to the farm on your own. If you see an injured animal, please inform us and we will investigate it.

  • Please don't harvest and eat the produce!

  • If you turn anything on, please make sure you turn it off when you finish. This is especially important for our water heater, which uses a lot of power and melts the socket if it is left on.

  • Leave things where they are. The chairs are there for a reason, the things are plugged in there for a reason, the furniture in the room is arranged correctly.

  • The plumbing and electric are very precarious in rural India. If you see something that seems like a problem or want to change where something is plugged in please DON'T try to fix it! Inform us so we can take care of it.

  • The kitchen facilities are off-limits to anyone who isn’t a permanent resident or our chefs.

  • Please remove your shoes before entering the dining area. We don't allow being on your phon

  • Please stay on the paths. This includes walking on the porch instead of in the grass.

  • Leave things as you found them. Please be sure to clean behind you and if you see the toilet needs a scrub, scrub it!

  • Please throw used toilet paper in the bin in the bathroom NOT in the toilet! We will have a clogged up septic and you will have to fix it.

  • If you generate any non-recyclable or non-biodegradable trash you must store it and take it with you when you leave.

  • Respect staff space. The staff rooms, staff toilet, and staff shower are their space. Please do not use them.

  • Please don't leave your belongings around the farm or anywhere outside your room. We have trained the dogs to pick things up but we haven't taught them not to shred them!

  • Do not feed the animals. Many of them are on special diets or have dietary restrictions that can kill them. For those folks helping with treatments, do not take initiative and give medications. ALWAYS ask first!

  • Please inform us before taking dogs on a walk. If we notice someone is missing it will send us into “search mode”.

  • Be respectful of our space and our building. A lot of work goes into making a place, so please be gentle with things!

  • Please close all gates behind you. If you are going in or out of the dog area make sure the first gate is latched behind you before opening the next one.

  • Please be respectful of local custom. Particularly for women and femme folks but also for men, this means how you dress is a reflection on you, every other person that will work here in the future, and the residents who live here. Our actions don’t live in a bubble.

Be mindful that sleeveless shirts, short shorts (above the knee), low cut shirts, and tight or see-through clothing are considered risque to our neighbors. For your safety, the safety of others, and respect for our neighbors please dress conservatively. What might be normal for you, might be seen as weird or even offensive in rural India. Especially dressing and touching are sensitive topics. If you do not respect this rule after being informed you will be asked to leave.

  • Remember that we are here to alleviate the suffering of others. This is our philosophy. Every action should be done with that in mind.

If you are breaking rules we will give you a warning. If you continue to not follow the rules and instructions from staff you will be asked to leave.

If you can't or are unwilling to follow instructions, are disrespectful, insubordinate, or want to do things "your way" please reconsider your intent to apply.

At Peepal Farm Homestay

  • No animals are allowed in the rooms unless otherwise stated.

  • Please keep the rooms clean and tidy. A messy room can attract mice, termites, and cockroaches to the entire house.

  • It's a shared space, so please confine your activity and noise to your room.

  • No meat allowed on the property.

  • No alcohol is allowed on the property, including in your bloodstream.


We are interested in people who care about doing good work. We are looking for open people who are ready to learn. If this describes you and you can work independently or as a team, understand the rules and why we have them, and want to work hard, then we invite you to apply

Please read the ENTIRE Volunteer FAQ before coming!