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Volunteering and Visiting FAQ

How do I apply?
Visit our Volunteer Page for details on how to apply.

Are there rules at the farm?
Yes, there is a code of conduct for all volunteers and visitors which can be read here

What should I bring for work?
We suggest you bring a flash light, a pair of CLOSED TOE work shoes, a rain coat, a sweater or jacket, water bottle, bug spray, and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty and sweaty!

Where is the farm?
Check out directions to the farm and hours for arrival.

Do you provide a pick-up?
Sorry, no. However, you can get taxis and buses from the bus station in Dharamsala, and if you are coming via flight you can arrange a pickup from a taxi service or take two local buses. We can provide you a few phone numbers.

How many people volunteer at one time?
It varies depending on the season. We usually have 1 - 3 people volunteering at one time. Housing is shared. Sometimes you may be the only one, so please be prepared to get to know staff, locals, volunteers, and visitors!

Should I bring anything for the animals and the farm?
Thanks for asking! Here is our list of needed supplies.

Are there snakes at the farm?
We don't have permanent resident snakes, but we have seen a few on and around the farm. Himachal does boast some of India's most venemous snakes.

Are there bugs at the farm?
There are large bugs, spiders, mosquitos, and more. If you are terrified of them or cannot restrain yourself from hurting them, then this might not be the place for you.

Farmstay FAQ

Do you have hot showers?
Yes. The bungalows have a shower tap and the studios have bucket showers, but both have water heaters.

How is the cellphone signal?
The nearest cell phone tower is still pretty far, so the signal can be spotty. The walls are 18" thick and it's hard to get signal inside the rooms.

What should I bring?
We suggest you bring your own toiletries (preferably bio-degradable), toilet paper, a towel, a flash light, a pair of CLOSED TOE work shoes, a rain jacket, a sweater or jacket, water bottle, bug spray, mosquito net, and a sleeping sack. Bring clothes that you don't mind getting dirty and sweaty! We provide blankets but if you are not used to cold winters, bring a sleeping bag.

Do you have western toilets?

How will I do laundry?
You will need to do your laundry by hand (soap not provided) in our bucket.

Do you have internet?
We do not provide internet. Please bring your own 4G data stick if you would like to have Wifi. Jio and Airtel seem to work best here.

Are we allowed to cook our own food in the kitchen?
No. We do have an electric kettle available in each room for boiling water.

Please read our Rules before coming!