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Why Peepal Farm Toons?

We don't want kids to grow up with a regret a lot of us have - "I wish I had been a kinder person sooner." We don't want them to grow up unhappy as they didn't have well-thought-out dreams. We don’t want them to have a void for a definition of success or happiness that advertisers can swoop in and fill when they grow up, leaving them in a position where their beliefs and actions don't match.

We encourage parents and teachers to include these videos in their kids' activities. This can not only help start meaningful, thought provoking conversations with kids but also contribute to making them kinder and more compassionate individuals.


Peepal Farm Toons was created to advance one of our organization's main missions – awareness. We believe that, while we can only save so many animals on our own, creating awareness and fostering a ripple effect in society is important.

The children we inspire today will take roles in public offices, corporate leadership, and politics in the coming decades. Even if we manage to inspire just a few of them, just a little bit, through these videos now, it can contribute to creating a world with less suffering.

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