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Why did we start an animal rescue

We do not see rescues as a solution; but we can't walk by an injured animal either. While we work on long term solutions, we want to have a setup where we can help animals in need. Also, just by virtue of seeing us care so much for animals, people around us changed. People who used to be apathetic, started calling in rescues and even helping catch animals!

How did we start

Even before we had started constructing Peepal Farm, our rescue work had started. We were doing basic first aid for animals on the streets. In a lot of cases, if a small injury is attended to in time, infections, large maggot wounds and other complications can be avoided.

Then we created space for small, and large animals so more complex cases can recover safely.

Initially, we used to call the government vets or take the animals to a clinic, and eventually we setup our own small clinic. In 2023, we setup a trauma center 1.5kms from our farm to do our rescue & recovery work more systematically.

Where are we at now

  • Rescue team - We have a rescue van for dogs, and a rescue jeep for cows. We also have a "treat on street" program for animals with minor injuries.

  • Trauma center - We have a treatment room for small animals, two OTs for small animals, one OT for large animals, separate treatment area for outpatients and a diagnostics lab.

  • Recovery center - It's a safe space for injured animals to heal. We have space to house 30 large animals, and 55 small animals. We use these spaces to help animals recover from injuries and sterilize) before they are released to where they were found, adopted, or - in incurable cases - given a painless death.

  • Fostering, Sanctuary & Residents - Animals that can't be released for any reason stay with us till they find forever homes. Some of them have found their forever home here :)

Our impact

More than the impact we create by treating over a 1000 animals a year, we create impact by doing 100+ sterlizations we do every month. Each neutered female dog prevents at least 100 more dogs from a painful life, and a painful death from disease, accident or cruelty.

Also, doing this work lets us give a painless death to animals who didn't get a painless life. For some animals, it is the best gift we can give.