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Euthanasia Policy

Peepal Farm is a place where animals are safe and well cared for; where all life is affirmed and respected. We reserve euthanasia only for animals that are experiencing an unacceptably poor quality of life, or are ill or injured beyond our capacity to treat.

This includes:

  • Animals with a poor prognosis, protracted painful recovery, incurable illness, are non-responsive to treatment, or who suffer from an affliction in which treatment is not reasonably available.
  • Animals who have a condition that individually may not necessitate euthanasia, but that contribute to escalate other conditions that, in total, warrant euthanasia.

If the animal is treatable, we will attempt to do everything possible within our resources to properly treat them, and to manage their medical condition to live a comfortable and safe life.

These decisions are taken very seriously, and only made after all other options have been exhausted. The decision is at the sole discretion of the Peepal Farm founders and the veterinarian administering treatment.