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To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

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Farm, don't harm

When we started, our primary produce was knowledge. Our farm was our experiment for learning how to grow grains, roots, veggies and fruit for us, and green fodder for cows.

We are trying to grow food with no-till/low-till method, and we try to save seeds. Most of the year, we manage to grow veggies and herbs needed in the kitchen. We are learning how to store root crops and make them last longer. We also preserve our produce by dehydrating and fermenting.

We have an emphasis on beauty, to temper the suffering with beauty so people who are not used to seeing it, can be exposed more to the animal rights issues.

Of course it's all organic! What else will we do with all the cow dung that comes from our stray animal rescue & recovery!

We experiment. We learn. And if you garden to learn, you never fail.