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Our story

Peepal Farm is a stray animal rescue, an awareness organization, and a women-powered small scale social enterprise in Village Dhanotu, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.

It started out as a home that we built with space for injured stray animals to heal & be heard, for people who wanted to help, and for us to be able to organically farm, while reducing our harm.

We started building Peepal Farm on December 9, 2014. Instead of putting in a swimming pool, we built a cow shed. Instead of an entertainment room, we have a clinic. Instead of having master bedrooms, we made rooms for those who want to come here and experience a simple, and purposeful life.

We had started doing good because of our philosophy. Then we learnt it feels great too :)

Instead of living just because we are born, we wanted to live deliberately - in accordance with our philosophy of life.


Live to do maximum good; live while causing minimum harm.

It's our understanding that involuntary physical suffering is an absolute bad across all species; so reducing suffering, and nurturing changes that reduce suffering is absolutely good.


To reduce physical suffering of animals.


Nudge people to think about our suffering footprint (the pain we cause unknowingly or knowingly, in the course of living), and inspire compassion (empathy in action).


  • Lead by example
  • Storytelling
  • Community building