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Robin's philosophy


Leave the world where suffering wouldn't be growing as much as it would have, had I not existed.


  1. Do less bad
  2. Do more good
  3. Influence others to do 1,2 and 3


1. Do less bad

  • Eliminiate consumption of items that have a huge suffering footprint like meat, eggs, and dairy.
  • Reduce consumption of all items not necessary for living, working, or resting (part of work).
  • Be nice. A nice society is less mean.

2. Do more good

  • Started with feeding strays, learning first-aid, fostering, adopting, volunteering.
  • Started an organization to do what I am doing in a more structured, manageable way, and hopefully for the work to have a longer lifespan than my own.
  • I help others do more good by teaching, advicing, and funding.

3. Influence others to do 1,2 and 3

  • Using videos, I aware to nudge away from bad.
  • Using videos, I give hope, inspire to do good, and talk about fostering a pragmatic view to prevent burning out.
  • I've started documenting what I've learnt, to be able to share it systematically.

World View

World is full of suffering. It wasn't like that when it had started. There was no life, and no suffering. If there is no life, someone won't feel moments of joy either, but they won't need to ... as they don't exist. So, I don't see any "knowable" inherent value in life, but I see a negative value in physical suffering. Thus, I do think that humans are in a unique position to ascibe value to their lives as they can live to help reduce physical suffering of those who can't do it for themselves. Since all known living beings avoid involuntary physical suffering, I see it as an objetive bad, and an action that results in overall lowering of physical suffering, becomes objectively good.

Robin @ Peepal Farm