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Animal Care and Help

What can I feed to animals?
Click here to learn more about feeding dogs, cats, or cows.

How do I start helping animals?
Click here to learn some ways you can help!

I want to start something like Peepal Farm, where do I begin?
Peepal Farm is a large project, involving many people, over several years! The best place to start is where we did - volunteering at other animal rescues, government clinics, or private practices to learn important skills, and rescuing one or two animals to start.

Once you have more experience and can see what is involved, you can grow from there!

I found an injured animal, what do I do?
Take them to a vet right away! If you cannot take them to a veterinarian locally, you can:

Stray dogs scare me (or a friend). How do I deal with them?
Most stray dogs are friendly, and will ignore people who ignore them. If one is walking past you non-aggressively (not barking or growling at you), don't react. Just keep walking! Don't stare at them, since many dogs find it threatening.

If a stray dog is acting aggressively (barking or growling while staring at you), the first thing to do is FREEZE! Do not run away, as this can provoke them. Stand tall, and slowly put something between you and the stray dog (for example a car, a tree, or even a bag). Then try to put some distance between you. Do not stare into their eyes!

How do I find a home for an animal?
Visit our adoption FAQ for more information on finding homes.

How do I adopt an animal?
You can:

How can I transport an animal like you do with some of yours?
We use the service Pet Fly for help arranging the transportation for all of our adoptions outside of driving distance. They do all of the arrangements with the airlines.

What are the rights of animals in India? Find out here!