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How do I get a pet adopted?

How do I find a home for an animal?
We recommend searching for location-based Facebook groups and posting 3-5 GOOD pictures, all their information, and your contact details there.

You can see the template that we use here

You can also post in:

CLICK HERE for tips on getting good photos, listing pets, and more.

Can Peepal Farm take in a dog for adoption?
We can't bring a healthy animal to the farm for adoption. However, we can do a courtesy post on our Petsy Global Facebook page.

Fill out the adoption template and send it to [email protected]

How do I screen homes to find a good family?
It is extremely important to interview applicants for adoption to make sure they are a good fit. Begin with a phone call. Ask them:

  • Do they have other pets? Have they had pets before?
  • Does anyone else live in the house? Are they ready to adopt the pet?
  • What is their house like? Rented or owned? If rented, does the landlord allow pets?
  • What is their average daily schedule like? How long will the pet be home alone?
  • What do they plan to do for exercise for the pet?
  • If they need to travel or go on vacation, what will they do with the pet?

It is also helpful to set up a house check. This allows you to see that they are being honest, that the dog will have plenty of space, and gives you a chance to speak with other family members.

Be sure you are being honest with yourself about the home. If you get any gut feeling that it is not the right family, it probably isn't. Keep looking!

I found a great home and someone local did a house check, but it's far away! How do I transport the pet?
We work with Pet Fly for help arranging the transportation for all of our adoptions outside of driving distance. They do all of the arrangements with the airlines.

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