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Donation Advice

A great way to start is by building a following on social media. 

Create a Facebook page and make sure to post videos of your activities DAILY. Share the page with all your friends and family, and ask them to share with theirs. Once you start to build up a following you can hope to start getting donations. 

It is a good idea to ask for in-kind donations, as opposed to money. Some people may be skeptical about donating money. Reflective collars, medical supplies, and food are a great place to start.

If you do ask for cash you can set up a fundraiser on a crowdfunding website such as GoFundMe or Patreon, or ask for donations through PayTM or GPay.

It can be a slow process getting started. Remember Peepal Farm started back in 2014. It took us a long time to get where we are now!

Here are some tips from Facebook on how to grow your following.