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Meet Chingaari! Chingaari, an abandoned mule rescued from Dhodhamb, initially had a healed hind leg fracture and a wound on her front leg. After starting treatment, we decided to adopt her into our sanctuary once she recovered. She has since become a resident, enjoying her days with her friends. Unfortunately, about 1.5 years ago, Chingaari underwent surgery for what was initially thought to be a tumour on her front leg. Recently, the tumour has regrown, and there is an increase in abscesses. Initial treatment has begun, and we have consulted senior doctors who recommend another operation. Due to her age and the current rainy season, we are taking some time to plan the surgery carefully. Chingaari is receiving regular dressing and has been relocated to our hospital area until she fully recovers. Your support is important in ensuring Chingaari's well-being during this challenging time. Hit sponsor today!