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Meet Bansuri, the brave female dog who faced a challenging ordeal. Rescued from Rait after her leg got trapped in a pig trap for three long days, Bansuri unfortunately suffered a complete bone break. In order to give her the best chance at a pain-free life, we had to make the tough decision to amputate her leg. Now, Bansuri is on the road to recovery as a three-legged warrior. Despite the difficulties, Bansuri is healing slowly but surely. Your support can make a significant impact on her journey. By sponsoring Bansuri, you contribute to her post-amputation care, ensuring she gets all the love and attention needed for a happy and healthy life. Ready to be Bansuri's champion? Sponsor her today and be part of the team helping her embrace a new beginning. Your kindness can turn Bansuri's story into one of resilience, courage, and a future filled with joy despite the challenges she has faced.