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Gita (Resident)

We recently welcomed Gita to our farm, thanks to the kind-hearted individual who rescued her from a shop in Dharamshala. Unfortunately, Gita's companion chicken, Sita, passed away due to illness. We are currently keeping a close eye on Gita, who has been experiencing fever since her arrival. Our team is doing everything possible to ensure her speedy recovery, and we hope to soon welcome her as the newest addition to our resident chicken family. But it's important to understand that rescuing chickens from a shop and giving them to a rescue shelter is not the right way to save animals. While we appreciate the good intentions behind this act, it's crucial to remember that the best way to help animals is to take responsibility for them and provide them with a safe and comfortable environment. Additionally, the most effective way to help chickens and other animals is to reduce or eliminate our consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy products. By making more compassionate choices in our daily lives, we can create a better world for all animals. If you'd like to support Gita's recovery and help provide her with a happy home, please consider sponsoring her.