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Scooby's return to Peepal Farm after four long years is a heart-wrenching reminder of the unfortunate reality that some adoptions don't work out. Despite being adopted by a family living nearby, he was callously abandoned, leaving him stressed-out and angry, understandably so. It's a sad truth that many people underestimate the responsibilities that come with adopting an animal, and the animal often ends up being the victim of such irresponsibility. But despite the heartache, we remain committed to finding Scooby the loving and responsible family that he so deserves. This good boi has suffered more than enough, and we believe that he deserves to have a forever home filled with love and compassion. If you have space in your heart and home for a furry friend, we implore you to consider adopting Scooby and give him the happy ending he's been waiting for. Together, let's help keep Scooby's hope alive. Click "ADOPT" to start the adoption process.