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Mogli, a courageous female dog, was rescued from Kangra after she was caught in a barbaric barbed wire trap intended for pigs. Although she survived with a deep wound, thankfully her bones were not broken. However, her injury was severe and caused her a great deal of pain and stress. When Mogli arrived at our animal rescue, she was very stressed and had an aggression issue. We've worked tirelessly to help Mogli reduce her aggression, and we're happy to say that she's come a long way in that regard. Despite our efforts, though, Mogli still experiences a high level of stress, which has led to self-injury. By sponsoring Mogli, you'll be helping us provide her with the care and medical attention she needs to recover and thrive. Your sponsorship will cover her food, shelter, and medical expenses, including any necessary treatments and surgeries to help her heal. With your support, we can give Mogli the chance to live a pain-free and healthy life. Please consider sponsoring Mogli today.