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Shweta (Resident)

Shweta is a female chicken who was rescued by an individual rescuer named Honey. She was saved from becoming someone's dinner, and Honey thought, rightly so, that she deserved a better life. He later asked us if we could be her caretakers for lifetime, and that is how Shweta was adopted by us and now has become our resident animal. From now on, she will only know love and compassion, and will never end up on someone's dinner plate. She has managed to mingle with Choo Choo and Amarpreet--two of our other resident chickens, but not so much with Anthony, Akbar, and Kit Kit. She is interested in all that is happening around her. Whenever there are people around she will wander over for attention so that she can be a part of what is going on. She's super cute and curious and if you wanna be her virtual hero, hit "SPONSER".