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Raaja (Resident)

Dharamshala. Alone and abandoned. Raaja is undoubtedly one of the luckiest goats in the world. Raaja was rescued from a jungle area near Dharamshala when he was 3 months old. A family found him there and took him home with the fear of him not making it. They had the intention to adopt him. He was pampered, fed well, made to sleep on a bed and basically given the royal treatment which we cannot imagine any goat receiving. The family came to terms with the fact that they are not ready to adopt him yet as they live in a rented home and are mostly out for work and probably not the most conducive environment to raise him in. When we received pictures of young Raaja, we were thrilled at the idea of adopting him at the farm. It is rare that we get to rescue a goat given their heavy use for meat. Raaja is currently adjusting with our resident animals and we are positive he will be ruling our kingdom (alongside Betiji ofcourse!)