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Hutch (Resident)

Hutch was found by a local in Chambi abandoned in the middle of the fields alone and a wound on his eye. The locals were luckily aware about our clinic and got him to us at the earliest. Hutch had an injury on his eye which was infested with maggots and a bent fore leg which is a result of arthritis. The poor lad was left to survive on his own in his older days but we are glad that he was rescued in time before he would get attacked by other dogs. Hutch is safe and under recovery. Additionally he is also being fostered by one of our employees to help him cope with his emotional trauma.  Along side his recovery, we are looking for a home for him to get adopted into where he can live the rest of his life happily. If you can give Hutch a home, click on ADOPT and to be a part of his recovery, click on SPONSOR.