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Bhola (Resident)

Bhola is the first buffalo of Peepal Farm ever! It's rare to even see a buffalo on the streets, and the thrill is real as this little boy was rescued by his own owner. Let's start from the beginning. Bhola belonged to a family who owned a small dairy, and Bhola was born there. They had a male calf after a long time and they raised him until he was a year and a half old. But it got difficult for them to continue providing for him. They were offered good money too to sell him, but they refused. That's when they called us. They requested we adopt Bhola as he didn't have the heart to give him away for slaughter. Bhola is officially a resident of Peepal Farm and we are ecstatic to have him here. If you'd like to support his well-being, click on SPONSOR.