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Sahara (Resident)

Sahara came to us because of herniation on her belly region. The only way to treat her condition was through surgery. Sahara underwent her first surgery in November'21 but her hernia turned out to be a tricky one. The surgery was successful but the trouble was with her post-operative care. Her complications continued long enough for the herniation to reoccur and Sahara was scheduled to undergo surgery for the second time. Sahara had multiple problems after her hernia surgery in January 2022. Constant pus has been forming in the part which was sutured because of which we sent her to Shahpur hospital to get her condition checked by a senior vet. They suggested that Sahara would need to be operated for the third time for her hernia which will be a complex one this time. Her surgery is yet to be scheduled and will mostly likely be done in mid June. We are hoping that this would be the final time she would have to undergo surgery and she recovers soon after.