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Moringa (Resident)

Our cutie pie was rescued from Dramman which is based 10 km away from Peepal Farm. Actually, a misfortune had one of Moringa’s hindlegs fractured which took away from him his ability to stand on his foot. Initially, we carried out our “treat on street” procedure but when we failed to notice any remarkable improvements in his condition, we were compelled to shift him to our Farm. It took a little while but our good boy finally recovered and happily, without plaster. Moringa is apprehensive of humans which is entirely understandable: his hoomans certainly treated his mother like a commodity and left him on the streets to fend for himself since he was not “profitable”.  But storms don’t last forever, as they say. We decided that Moringa will spend the rest of his life with us. He can live here blissfully with his other mates and doesn't need to be concerned about being exploited by humans. To make a difference for Moringa, hit “SPONSER”.