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Spiti Dog Feeding Program

Dogs are killing and eating dogs in Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, due to changes in their environment in the past few years. Same factors have contributed to man-animal conflict.

Moved by the plight of stray dogs, a local family decided to reach out to our animal rescue - 400km away - near Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. We confirmed the ground reality, and decided to help.

This short film is about our journey to Spiti Valley, and our quest to understand and work towards solving the problem. This film has the answers we found.

Part travelogue, part documentary...we've kept it real. Since we couldn't take you to Spiti with us, we've tried to bring Spiti to you. Hope your experience watching it as good as ours making it.

To support this project

you can GPay or PayTM to 9999429144. Our UPI id is [email protected]

Salary of a worker - Rs. 3000 Cost of 1 gas cylinder - Rs. 1100 Rent of a room - Rs. 2000 Cost of 1 bag of flour - Rs. 500

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