Peanut Butter
A protein-packed, vegan, healthy snack that you can enjoy with fruit, pancakes, toast or just on its own! Eat all of it yourself or #shareeveryjar with your dog!

Peanut Butter

We take pride in making all our products, especially our Peanut Butter. It's our bestseller for a reason and that reason is simple - it's made with care and love. We roast the peanuts on a traditional chulah (wood fired stove) until they get a golden glow. Then, they are ground up in our home blender, in our kitchen by Mamta - a talented girl from the village. Each jar is hand-filled with the smooth, silky goodness of the redskin-on peanut butter and decorated with home toasted cacao!

No added salt.

No added sugar.

No palm oil.



250 grams




Coconut oil

Cacao (optional)

All "Peepal Farm" food products are made fresh with whole ingredients, are Vegan friendly, help generate employment in our village and 100% profits are used to support our stray animal recovery center.

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