Seed Butter
This is for all you fitness enthusiasts and healthy eaters! With an impressive ingredient list, this is an easy and more delicious alternative to the whole seeds, especially for smoothies and granola bars, where it is a big pain to fine grind them. It is also for those lazy peeps who are looking for an easy(and tasty!) way to include some healthy ingredient in their fried potato sandwich, or their daily food intake for that matter. A must item for all vegans who do not have the time or energy for preparing lavish healthy platters or finely blended smoothies.

Seed Butter


Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Flax seeds
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds
Coconut oil

150 grams

All "Peepal Farm" food products are made fresh with whole ingredients, are Vegan friendly, help generate employment in our village and 100% profits are used to support our stray animal recovery center.

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