Chai Masala
Use it with your tea, or on it's own!


Our homemade Chai Masala is a big hit among tea drinkers. Why? Beacuse it doesn't have any tea leaves in it. We know it's impossible to switch your favorite brew. We are just making what you already have, taste better with all aromatic spices and herbs ground in just the right proportion. Whether you sip on green tea or black, you can make it a special treat everytime you add our magic chai masala to it.

75 grams

* Fennel Seeds
* Cardamom
* Cinnamon
* Cloves
* Ginger
* Lemongrass
* Basil
* Mint
* Tulsi (seasonal)

All "Peepal Farm" food products are made fresh with whole ingredients, are Vegan friendly, help generate employment in our village and 100% profits are used to support our stray animal recovery center.

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