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Stray Animal Rescue & Recovery

We do not see rescues as a solution; but we can't walk by an injured animal either. While we work on long terms solutions, we wanted to have a setup where we can help injured animals that we come across.

We realized that just by virtue of seeing us care so much for animals, so many people around us changed. People who used to be apathetic started calling in rescues and even helping catch animals!

Leading by example is one of the best ways to cultivate compassion and we think that although we setup a recovery center with a short sighted goal, the impact is far beyond just the recepient animal.

Our rescue has a clinic for small and large animals, a cow shed, 18 dog kennels, a rescue van for dogs, and a rescue jeep for cows. We use these spaces to help animals recover from injury and sterilize them (see our policy on spay and neuter here) before they are released to where they were picked, adopted, or - in incurable cases - given a painless death (see our policy on euthanasia here).