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Long Term Opportunities

  • Animal welfare & enrichment manager: Preferably a veterinarian, veterinary technician, or someone with experience running a rescue. Vets experienced in spay & neuter and shelter medicine are preferred.

  • Products manager: Responsible for generating, receiving & filling orders, and maintaining quality control.

  • Media and social media co-ordinator Responsible for collecting and organizing media, creating social media content, and promoting that content.

  • Film maker: Preferably with a flair for storytelling and understanding what engages people. We are looking for someone who can complete a project from shooting to the finished product.

  • Farm manager: Experienced and interested in doing no till organic farming. Will be responsible for providing seasonal veggies to the kitchen. Will be responsible for landscaping too. If you are into vegan cooking, preserving, and fermentation, that will be an additional bonus!

  • Outreach & community manager: Responsible for online and offline communication, events organizing, literature distribution, tours, classes, and more!

All positions will begin with a 2 week work-exchange.

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