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Before you proceed

We are looking for people who are:

  • Looking at this as an opportunity to pursue what they have always wanted to, and salary is just a means to cover their basic expenses.

  • Who can take on the current carved process, but also spend time on improving to make progress.

Jobs @ Peepal Farm

To join Peepal Farm as an employee, you have to do work-exchange for 1-3 months, before graduating to a paid position.

  • Kitchen and Farmstay Manager: Will be responsible for handling the Peepal Farm Kitchen that provides meals to our employees. The Kitchen Manager will be responsible for making sure that all the produce from our farm are utilized, minimizing waste. They will also be responsible for managing inventory, quality control and making sure the kitchen is neat and tidy.

You will have assistance from staff in cooking, cleaning, laundry, getting supplies etc. but you will be responsible for makin sure it all happens and that it happens right.

We strive to consume locally and avoid packaged products, so you will also be responsible for seasonal produce procurement, storing and making products.

Must have experience in housekeeping and cooking and preferably over 35 years of age.

Knowledge of spoken Hindi is a must.

  • Wildcard: If you have been following our work, and posess a skill that you think can help us do a better job, feel free to pitch a job position.

To apply

  • Please see Rules and FAQ.
  • Please send your resume, links to your portfolio (if applicable) and expected salary to [email protected]

Jobs @ Peepal Farm Products