If you feel like you cannot be totally vegetarian for whatever reason, you can still do your part to help animals

Chicken only forms 20% of what we eat, but is responsible for 80% of the suffering caused to put food on our table.

There's no easier way to be greener, kinder and more sustainable than to not eat chicken. Just by eliminating chicken from your diet and replacing it with a vegetarian meal you can make a huge difference to reduce animal suffering.

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Think you are committed to doing all you can to help animals?

Going Vegan means refusing to support products that are made with animal ingredients and products that have been tested on animals.

We understand at social gatherings sometimes you don’t have a choice of what's on the menu. You can commit to the vegan diet by not buying animal products yourself but allowing dairy when it cannot be prevented. 95% vegan is very achievable!

See our page 'The Story of Milk' to understand what goes on in the dairy industry and how consuming dairy is harmful to cows.

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"How you can help animals" is a mini booklet which can be printed on a single sheet of used paper! It’s an awesome tool to help people learn some easy ways in which they can help animals.

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We are a group of people with one goal; doing good work. It's our understanding that physical pain is objectively bad. So for us, helping alleviate physical pain is an objective good, especially for those who can't help themselves.

Peepal Farm is a stray animal rescue, a vegan organic farm, a low impact farmstay, and a small scale social enterprise. It is our home that we've built in a small village near Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India. It has space for injured stray animals to recover, for people who want to do good work, and for us to be able to organically farm while reducing our harm.

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