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Boss was seen by a local being brought on a two wheeler by two men and abandoned on the road. He was highly emaciated with multiple wounds all over his body. We suspect that he was most likely abandoned by a dog breeder. It was a no brainer that we had to rescue him knowing that he wouldn't be able to survive on the streets and it was only a matter of time that he would be attacked by the local dogs of that territory. Looking at him the first time just made our hearts cry wondering about the poor condition Boss must have spent many weeks and months in. But at the same time it made us happy that he is with us and would get the medical attention and care he desperately needs. Boss is currently under medication for his wounds and supplements to provide multivitamins, calcium and boost immunity. He is also on a good nutritious diet for helping him gain weight. Boss will soon be up for adoption once he back to good health. To support Boss's recovery, click on SPONSOR and to bring him home, click on ADOPT.