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Kancha was spotted with a terrible skin condition where she was completely hairless along with her mother and littermate with the same condition. When we saw her condition the only thing that crossed our mind was that why did someone not report her case sooner? We knew that we had to bring in all three for their treatment but when we reached the spot the rescue them, we only found the mother. We asked around but nobody had seen her puppies around and sadly, Kancha did not come to us in the first rescue attempt. But we are elated for Marble that even though her condition was to the limit, she got the help she needed. A few days later we got a call again saying that they found both the puppies and the locals themself tried to get a hold of both but could only catch Kancha while the other slipped through their hands and ran away. They immediately got her to us and Kancha was reunited with her mother Marble. Kancha's skin condition turned out to be Mange as suspected and her treatment entails weekly dose of doramectin injection and syrups to help boost her immunity and vitamin levels. To bring Kancha home, call on 9999429144