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Robin was rescued from Kangra when we got a call from a local reporting an aggresive dog who entered their locality recently. Although he had not bitten any human there, he had bitten a few dogs in the area including a pet dog and the locals were fearful of him. When we got him to our clinic we kept him under observation for 3 days, allowing space and time for him to calm down and just be. We observed that he was friendly with humans, but aggressive towards animals, especially dogs. We even took him out for a walk and he was perfectly good and friendly. He was abandoned by his previous owner, for reasons unknown to us, but he displayed no such problematic behaviour towards humans. He needs a home where he will be the only pet in the house and will have to be controlled while taking him out for walks to make sure he doesn't attack any of the stray or others pets out for a walk that time. To being Robin home, click on SPONSOR.