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Donut was abandoned outside an animal rescuer's home. It is highly common for people who find puppies or kittens outside or close to their homes to relocate them outside of a rescue organization or rescuer's home because it is 'guaranteed' that the animal will be taken care of. No matter how disrespectful that is, people do it thinking they are helping the animal. Anyway, Donut landed up just like that outside a rescuer's home and since she was unable to foster him due to personal reasons, we had to take him in to our clinic to help out. Donut has weak hind legs for which he is given nerve tonics daily, Apart from that, he is completely healthy, starts a barking competition with the mightiest dogs in the clinic and lives for his food. But once he will experience the love from his human, he will be all yours. To give our little Donut a home, click on ADOPT.