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Devi's story is shocking, gut-wrenching and hopeful, all at once! We got a call for a dog who had almost been beaten to death (as the perpetrator intended) but some how made it out alive. An unmerciful person lured the dog with him to an isolated place away from the village and tried to kill her with an axe. He most prominently hit her on the head with the tool which must have knocked her out of her senses. As reported, the perpetrator believed she was dead and only then left the location. But Devi was alive and lay there for another 4-5 days in the scorching sun and chilly night until she could gather the courage to rise herself and walk back to the village. She made it back to the place where she was fed daily and that is when we received a call for her rescue. When she arrived at the clinic, our vets learned that she had multiple fractures on her skull, nasal discharge due to the infection spreading inside her skull and the most gruesome of all, had an eye missing! The poor girl was beaten to the level that her eye came off. The disbelief and horror among the team members was palpable! We could not believe the will power this girl must possess to have survived something this cruel. Her strength gave strength to all of us. We started her treatment instantly with cleaning and dressing the deep wounds on her head and administering pain killer and antibiotics. Will will suture the skin around her lost eye to prevent any infections in that area. Additionally, our team members spend quality time with her to help her regain her belief in humans. We cannot undo what was caused to her, but can help her give her as much care and love as she deserves. Once she recovers completely, we will look for a family deserving of our most courageous Devi. To be a part of Devi's life, click on SPONSOR.