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Chunmun was rescued by two kind men who witnessed her being hit by a car and screaming in pain in the main market of Shahpur. When our vet diagnosed her condition they found that she had a deep cut on her tongue, because of which she was bleeding profusely from her mouth, and internal head injury due to the force during the accident which affected her eye. She had about 60% vision after the accident and was extremely weak and lethargic. One of our employees decided to foster her to give her personal attention and help in her recovery. Chunmun is a whole different puppy a month later. Not only are her eyes recovering, but she revealed multiple facets of her personality. She is an intelligent puppy and highly food motivated, both being great factors in making it easy to train her, she shows affection without demanding for one and is just perfect to be a home companion. To be Chunmun's superhero click on SPONSOR.