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Chunmun was rescued by two kind men who witnessed her being hit by a car and screaming in pain in the main market of Shahpur. She was bleeding profusely from her mouth and without wasting time they grabbed her, got on their bike and rode the puppy to us. When our vet diagnosed ger condition they found that she had a deep cut on her tongue and internal head injury due to the force during the accident which affected her eye. She lost plenty of blood through the cut which made her anemic too. She is being given injections for increasing her blood content and iron. True to form, she was traumatized by the accident and would scream for hours. But with continued support and care giving by our team members, she slowly got better. She is on medication for boosting her immunity and strengthening her nerves around her eyes too. Chunmun's recovery will be a long one but we are positive that she will go back to being her healthy charming self soon. To be Chunmun's superhero click on SPONSOR.