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Sandhya has accidental trauma from an accident with an automobile which hit her head. The poor baby was found lying on the side of the road with no visible injury on her body but crying out loud in pain and shivering. Our vet went to check her condition on site as her callers could not tell us why exactly was she in pain. He decided to bring her back to the clinic as he figured her condition was internal and serious. She has accidental trauma because of which she temporarily lost her eyesight and hearing ability, and additionally would cry in a certain pattern during her waking hours. She was also unable to stand on all four legs the day she came in. She was put on fluid therapy instantly along with injections for her pain and swelling. Our volunteers spend extra time with her to ease her mental pain. With proper treatment, she may also be able to see and hear eventually. Sandhya is a special pup with the spirit of a fighter which makes us hopeful that she will recover well. To be a part of Sandhya's healing journey, click on SPONSOR.