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Suraj Mukhi

Suraj Mukhi is an abandoned lad who came to us from Rait. He had a big maggot wound on his neck because of which we got a call for him for his rescue. We could tell that he is was a pet before as his tail was docked, which is an illegal practice done by many people in order to 'enhance' the beauty of their pets. He probably got into a fight with a street dog because of which he injured his neck, which eventually got infested with maggots which started eating his skin away. Suraj Mukhi is a very calm and obedient dog. He will always respond to his name and look at you in such a way that it will melt your heart right away. We don't know why his family abandoned him, but with the few months that we have known Suraj Mukhi, we are absolutely sure that the problem was not him. He is deserving of love and care and we are on a mission to find him exactly that. Suraj Mukhi has healed beautifully, is neutered and healthy. To give Suraj Mukhi his forever home, click on ADOPT.