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Til, which means 'sesame' in Hindi, has the most soulful eyes you'll ever see. This tiny little guy was brought to us by some local kids who found him injured on the side of the road. Til had a badly fractured hind such a young age, this puppy had been through so much pain already. He was likely to have been hit by a car or a motor bike. Everyone at the farm immediately fell in love with this cutie, he is a heartbreaker! Unfortunately Til's leg was beyond repair and had to be amputated shortly after he arrived...but this doesn't slow him down at all. He runs around like he has a built-in pogo stick. On the bright side, because he lost his leg at such a young age, Til will have no problem properly developing muscle and the skills to run, jump, play, and walk. It is also good that he lost one of his hind legs and not a forelimb...loss of hind leg is much easier to master!! If you're looking for a very affectionate, emotionally in-tune, sweet, and ADORABLE puppy, look no further---Til is your guy!