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Pebble came to us with a pretty bad fracture on her front leg, most likely from a road accident. After many attempts to save her front leg, we realized the fracture was beyond repair and we had to amputate. Even though this sweet little girl lost her leg, today she is as wiggly and puppy-ish as can be! She gets around really well with just three legs, you would be impressed! Pebble loves affection and snuggling, she likes to get right in your lap for cuddles and to give you kisses. She also loves a good wrestling match with her puppy room mates. Most likely due to a birth defect, Pebble can't see out of one eye, although this doesn't seem to bother her much. Because she is blind in one eye, releasing her to the streets is not an option, she needs to find a loving home. Pebble is a happy go lucky gal and would make a great addition to any family.