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Malai and her sister came in with a severe case of rickets that they couldn't even stand up. Amazingly, with deworming and Vitamin D drops, their little legs popped back into place within one week! Now they are healthy, playful, normal pups looking for forever homes! Now that she is completely healthy, Malai is a little spitfire - ready to pounce and play anytime! This little girl is awesome. She gets along with all the big dogs even though she's less than half their size. On the group walks she can't contain her excitement to be out and about, sniffing all the wonderful smells. Sometimes she even pulls over and plops right down in a bunch of wild flowers because she wants to remind you to stop and smell the roses. We hope Malai finds her forever home soon so they can enjoy her adorable puppyhood. She would be a great addition to any family.