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Jeera originally came to us with his mom Teresa and his five brothers and sisters when they were just a few weeks old. We brought them in because his mama lost her eye on the streets which made it difficult to take care of her puppies. Jeera got lucky and was adopted by a family nearby, but unfortunately they had different ideas of what it meant to keep a pet. After a couple of months they returned him skinny and with skin issues. He had spent all that time tied on a chain, deprived of his freedom to explore and play like all puppies deserve. Their reason? He didn't growl or bark enough...he made a lousy guard dog. We are so happy to have him back now and to have another chance at giving him the real home he deserves. We want him to go to a family who will pamper and love him as a family member. He is a quintessentially adorable puppy, always wagging his tail and ready to play or snuggle. Jeera has perfected the art of the 'puppy dog eyes', it's hard to say no to him! He is also loves treats so training him the basics will be a breeze. He is eager to please. This guy is a total sweetheart, it's no wonder he didn't make a good guard dog. Do you have room in your home for a sweet pup like Jeera?